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Welcome to G4G!

Arie Kleti / Jun 12, 2015
<G4G> is a newly formed guild from by a group of friends from the UK. We are a casual guild searching for more active members who want to see more of the game and want to have a laugh while doing it . We have hopes of getting enough people together for Raid progression.

We are a group of skilled players and friends who enjoy making the most of the game we're in. We hope to make <G4G> a great community guild, known for its mature attitude, helpful nature, easy going atmosphere, and skilled/knowledgeable members. We currently have a handful of individual members who are active at various times throughout the day/night. We also have a TeamSpeak server set-up for member use.

If you are looking for an active, fun, respectful, and easy going gaming community, <G4G> might be just the place for you. Wildstar has a lot to offer, but its best aspects are found when you've got a solid group of people with you. So if you're looking for a great gaming group and want to have fun in the process, look us up.

If you are interested in joining <G4G>, just drop us a line and we can answer any other questions you might have about the guild. Feel free to drop in-game
messages to : Mayinaze Mayo, Arie Kleti or Kunai Okami.

Lastly,feel free to add Mayinaze Mayo, Arie Kleti or Kunai Okami to your Contact lists and we'll do our best to get in touch with you the next time we are on.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.


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